Single Event Entry – 2024 Carolina Bass Challenge

Event registration is now open. Sign up today for a Carolinas Bass Challenge event and take your shot at our $10,000 guaranteed 1st place prize!

You join the CBC to purchase entry fees.


You are purchasing a single entry to a Carolinas Bass Challenge event. Purchasing this item online secures your spot for this event.

What’s My Boat Number?

Boat numbers are drawn at random after the official registration period has ended. Boat numbers will be visible on the home page of this website in advance of the tournament. Please verify your boat number during tournament check-in.

Deadline to Purchase

The deadline to purchase all tournament entry fees is the Wednesday night before the tournament. No exceptions.

Membership Fee

All anglers who participate in the Carolina Bass Challenge are required to purchase the membership fee. It is a one-time fee and gives you the ability to participate with the Carolinas Bass Challenge for 1 full season. This fee helps pay for the administrative costs of the trail.

Substitution Fee

Teams are allowed 1 substitute per year, per division. A $50 substitution fee is required for a team to have a substitute.

How Do I Pay?

You may pay for an event online by simply selecting your options from the drop-down menu above and selecting “Add to Cart”. For online payments, we accept all major credit cards.

Can I Pay at The Ramp?

No. Entry fees may only be paid for online. No exceptions.